The Unique-ness of New York Streetwear

It’s pretty clear that the phenomenon of street style is here to stay. Just one quick pass in front of Lincoln Center during New York Fashion Week, and you’ll witnesses hoardes of preening style-setters getting snapped by international photographers.

Not that we’re complaining: Trolling gazillions of street style blogs to check out on-the-go style of models, editors, stylists and other It-personalities has become something of a hobby, cultivated on a daily basis.

For the uninitiated (or street style-curious) out there, we’ve pulled together a guide (in no particular order) to 24 of the best street style blogs to bookmark (and visit daily) from established sites like The Sartorialist and Street Pepper, to lesser-known but equally inspiring blogs from around the world.

1. The Sartorialist

The blog that started it all, Scott Schuman’s wildly popular site launched in 2005 and has been steadily growing since then. Schuman—who was lauded as one of the Time magazine’s Top 100 Design Influencers—often snaps well-dressed denizens throughout New York and Europe, and posts thoughtful, interesting photos. You won’t bait Schuman by by wearing wild outfits or head to-toe labels—his subjects tend to be rather restrained and organically stylish.

2. Street Peeper

One of the most influential street style photographers, Phil Oh’s site features a perfect blend of the street style “in crowd” (Elena Perminova, Miroslava Duma, Susie Bubble, Elisa Nalin, etc) and lesser-know but equally as captivating people throughout New York, Paris, London, Sydney and Milan.

A packed-to-capacity street blog featuring young, attractive, and amazingly well-dressed folks from Stockholm and beyond.

4. Le 21ème

Photographer Adam Katz Sinding has made it clear that this is not your average street style blog, but rather a photo-journalistic view into the daily world of fashion from cities and Fashion Weeks around the world. All true, and the original images are captivating, high-quality, and inspiring.

5. Altamira

A blog specifically dedicated to images of models off duty.


6. Tommy Ton

One of the foremost street style photographers, Ton is known for his high-gloss, detailed, aspirational shots of influential industry people. Apart from his own blog, his work can also be seen on during international Fashion Weeks.


7. Face Hunter

In addition to capturing stylish people in cities like Paris and New York, photographer and author Yvan Rodic also snaps in far-flung locales such as Kuala Lampur, Bangkok, and Oslo.

8. Mr. Newton

An engaging look at cool people, Mr. Newton’s site describes his shooting style as:  “Accessible but aspirational is often what I’m going for—the cool girls and styling assistants who mix Alexander Wang with vintage with Topshop with something they made themselves. The girls who realize that the glue that pulls an outfit together is often just confidence and attitude.”


9. Candice Lake

Australian-born Lake is a London-based photographer, blogger, model and Contributing Style Editor at Vogue, and her work—namely her wonderful portraits—showcases her industry savvy.


10. Hel Looks

Started in 2005, this cool street style blog documents individual, unique, interesting fashion from the streets of Helsinki.



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